Friday, December 22, 2006

Crosses4Peace - the Jingle

Little Crosses
by S. Mondeau inspired by Malvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes” (from the HBO series “Weeds” or Pete Seeger depending on your age)

Little Crosses in our front yards,
Little crosses made of 1 x 4’s.
Little crosses painted ghost white
And they just might end a war.

And the People shown as crosses
All trusted their President
And they came home in wooden boxes
Which he covered with Our flag.

Ya construyamos más de 200 cruces y distribuyeron 120. ¿Pero donde están?. Si usted tiene una Cruz4Paz, favor de decirnos. Sus comentarios son como el oro a nosotros, favor de compartir sus ideas abajo.

Si todavía no sabe Crosses4Peace, sigue a leer. Si ya la tiene una, o quiere compartir o discutir, va directamente a “Comments”.

Oído en la radio por “Ed Schultz”, visto in noticias desde Alameda hasta Indiana, UNCOIL lancha

Un grupo de activistas para la paz, UNCOIL (United Napans Concerned Over Iraq Lunacy), ha sido inspirada por los Cruces de Lafayette por Jeff Heaton y otros memoriales cruzando el país. El Sr. Heaton y voluntarios pusieron 100’s crucecitas blancas haciendo un memorial para la paz en propiedad privada cerca del estación BART in Lafayette. Se puede ver desde Highway 24 al este de los Oakland Hills.

Cuando descubrió el proyecto, Jeff Heaton respondió “Yo estaba esperando que algo así pasaría por resultado de nuestros esfuerzos. En vez de ser un símbolo de Las Cruzadas (especialmente in Irak), estamos convirtiendo la cruz a un símbolo de la paz.”

Una representante de UNCOIL explicó el proyecto “No necesitamos un campo de cruces como una cementerio para recordarnos que nuestras guerreros Americanos sirven y mueren en esta guerra cada día y nosotros lloramos ni solamente ellos y su misión, pero también para la gente de Irak que están destruido por este tragedia horrible. Una sola cruz blanca puede honrar todos matados in Irak y significa que usted no olvidar los sacrificios ni, hasta se que termine esta guerra, demasiados van a morir igualmente. Sola Una Cruz, una yarda o ventana a la vez. Otra miembro agregó, “Cualquiera persona que quiere hace un símbolo diferente o letrero es bienvenido participar en cualquier manera que se quiere.”

Si quiere una, llama al Summer a 707-252-8242. Hable despacito, por favor. Para hacer una crucecita en su ventana, se puede usar cinta blanca de primeros auxilios. Para mas información, instrucciones para hacer su propia cruz (en inglés, pero bien fácil) o para ver fotos de crucecitas ya exhibido, visita:

Talk about Crosses4Peace.

We've made 200 crosses4peace, so far. We've distributed 120 that we know of, but where are they? If you have a peace cross -- or other symbol -- won't you tell us about it? Just leave a comment with your City and State or Nation -- your street would be nice, if you're not too shy. Photos are optimal (to, but we understand you're crazy busy these days. Your comments are like gold. Please share a word or two.

Not sure what a Cross4Peace is? Read on. If you're already on board need help or just want to complain, skip on down and post a comment.

Heard on Ed Schultz, seen in newspapers from Alameda to Indiana, diaried on DailyKos, blogged about, talked about and seen about town, UNCOIL officially launches file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/HP_Owner/My%20Documents/Summer

A group of Napa peace activists, UNCOIL (United Napans Concerned Over Iraq Lunacy) has been inspired by Jeff Heaton’s Crosses of Lafayette and similar memorials from Santa Monica, CA to Crawford, TX. Mr. Heaton and volunteers placed 100’s of white crosses on private property to create an honor memorial for peace near the Lafayette BART station. It’s visible from Highway 24 just east of the Oakland hills.

On learning about the Crosses4Peace project, Jeff Heaton responded, “This is a great idea. I was hoping something like this would happens as a result of our efforts. We are turning the cross into a peace sign instead of a sign of the crusades. I hope this idea takes off across the country. I will pass this email on to others. ”

A Sonoma Veterans for Peace member explained the project like this, “Instead of putting 3000 crosses in one place, the idea is to put 1 cross in 3000 places.

Sybil Hinkle elaborated, “We don’t need a cemetery-like field of crosses to remind ourselves that our American soldiers serve and die in this dreadful war daily and that we grieve not only for them and their mission, but for the Iraqi people torn apart by this horrific tragedy. A single white cross can honor all those killed in Iraq and symbolize that you do not forget the fallen, nor that until this war is brought to an end, too many others will meet a similar fate. One cross will do it. One lawn or one window at a time.” Another UNCOIL member added, “Anyone who wants to use a different symbol or make a sign is welcome to participate any way they’re comfortable.”

To get your own while supplies last, phone Summer in north Napa at 707-252-8242 or John in south Napa at 707-251-0106. To make a cross in your window, wide first aid tape works well. For more information, photos and directions for do-it-yourselfers, visit This blog will repeat in Spanish.