Monday, April 28, 2008

Crosses4Peace at Beach Impeach 5.

My boys helped me load about 40 white crosses and a large white table that says "Thanks Vets and families". The only bumper sticker on the back of the black suv was a photo of a flag draped coffin with the words "WAR IS NOT PRO-LIFE" in white above. ($5.50 magnetized at

We rushed, got lost, but luckily the helicopter was late, too. Whereas past Beach Impeach events had an honest 1,000 and more attendees, this one had only about 300; due in part, no doubt, to the event's having been cancelled, then brought back to life. I've learned from experience that within 24 hours after word goes out an event is cancelled, most people will already have made other plans.

I didn't realize the Beach Impeach organizers had decided to spell just 1 or 2 letters at a time, I only saw that the "E" was empty, so I decided to fill it with crosses and 4 of the blue "War is Not the Answer" yard signs I agreed to distribute for the Friends Committee For National Legislation (a Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest Someone asked if I needed help, so I took his offer and we carried the "Thanks Vets and Families" sign down to the beach and used it to anchor the end of the center branch of the letter "E".

My sons and I joined the others standing in the form of one letter after another as the helicopter made loop after loop so the photograher could get the photos he needs. (Must've cost a small fortune to fuel the chopper) I, M, P... then we ran to the E and many folks chose to hold us the crosses. I kind of doubt they'll show up in the aerial photos, but they were still quite a hit. Several found new homes -- I didn't keep count. Ironically, Beach Impeach's webmaster, Steve Meiers, said he'd come up with an idea similar to ours and had independently placed a couple of white crosses in his yard after he heard about the Crosses of Lafayette.

After we finished spelling "IMPEACH BOTH!!", I left the crosses in the sand around the "Thanks Vets..." sign. Several photographers and videographers said the took pictures of the display. I know Shirley Golub was photographed, so we may see it soon at or maybe even "YouTube.